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(Recognized and Aided) Affilated with CBSE (2620094)
Manimajra, Chandigarh. Email:

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To ensure our students have every academic advantage to excel as productive members of the society, we strive to start a preschool/nursery wing along with science stream for senior secondary batches. While our endeavor is to offer our students the best education possible, we need resources and supplies to keep it going in an effective manner. We are reaching out to generous people like you in hopes that you will join us in our school expansion plan and help realize the DREAM with your donations. You can donate the way you like –


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About Us

Established in 1932, Vedic Girls Senior Secondary school is a Not-for-profit institution providing quality education on Vedic Arya Samaj fundamentals to girls coming from rural and educationally backward sections of the society. As we stand today, the school is providing quality education to 700+ girls, right from Primary to High school to Senior secondary. We leverage existing community and Government resources to ensure that all girls are in school and learning well. Vedic Girls School is committed to the Government’s vision to improve access to education for Girls and is committed to provide quality education under ‘Right to Education’ act. Vedic Girls school currently teaches successfully over 700+ students coming from lower walks of life in and around Manimajra, Chandigarh (UT). By leveraging Government’s financial aid and by engaging with community volunteers, social workers, we educate girl students with a view to enroll maximum students and retain out-of-school girls due to financial challenges arose due to Covid and other numerous reasons. Late Shri. Ved Prakash Bhalla served as Manager for 20 years followed by Smt. Shankuntla Bhalla for 6 years. Currently, Smt. Sangeeta Bhalla is serving as Manager of the school.

Our History

With the inspiration of Late. Smt. Vidyavati & relentless efforts of Master Dharm Mitra Arya, school was established with a vision to provide affordable & quality education to girls on 17th December 1932 with a capital of 9 rupees & 50 paisa, 12 girl students and 1 teacher. Only within 6 months, school got qualified for the Government financial aid.

Our Moto

When a boy is taught, an individual is taught. But if a girl is taught, the whole Family is taught.


Idea was conceived and school got established (investment of 9 rupees & 50 paisa , 12 girl students and 1 teacher)

Space got allocated by Maharani Suraj Kaur (Then Maharani Suraj Kaur donated a piece of Land for the Nobel cause)

Got affiliation for the Middle class schooling

Smt. Sudarshan Kalra appointed as the Principal of the school

Got full government financial aid

Introduced Class 9

Started with class 10

Senior secondary education started in Arts stream.

Aim to expand the school to further hights.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve behavioral, social, and economic transformation for girls living in and around Manimajra where all children have equal opportunities to access quality education.